In 1926, a group of prominent Cheltenham citizens and businessmen convened a meeting to consider the possibility of starting a golf club in the largely wasteland park. Those interested subscribed a guinea each and all early work was done by working bees and voluntary labor.

The club began in 1930, but like many sports organisations languished during World War II. It was to be reborn after the war largely through efforts of ex-serviceman amidwives as they were jocularly called.

With the help of the newly formed Victoria Golf Club, curator Frank Lennox and David (Jock) Whillans laid out a nine hole course which was ready for play in 1936.

In 1939, Cheltenham Golf Club purchased a section of Victoria’s old seven court tennis area which would become the site for a clubhouse.

Development of the course over the years has been steady, with continuing improvements, but never at the expense of the environment. For instance, every year as a continuing program, the club has planted more than 300 native trees and shrubs.

Today’s membership stands at more than 680, and thousands of green fee players enjoy playing our wonderful course each month.

The club has a long history with men’s and women’s pennant, including winning several flags over the years. Our club has also produced some incredible golfing talent, including PGA Professionals Geoff Ogilvy, Matt Griffin, Paul Skinner and Tom Power-Horan.

We welcome you to play our course, and to enjoy it for yourself. Good golfing.

History of Cheltenham GC

Geoff Ogilvy ‘The Game’ at Cheltenham GC